How far would you travel for the best?


The VIP Room ClienteleWhile it’s true that some clients, who live in South Florida for seasons of the year, are clients of The VIP Room, they miss their personal style artist when they go back to Chicago, New York, and Toronto, Canada.

The reality is there are hair cutters everywhere; however, actual entrepreneurial style are far and few between. When someone becomes a client of The VIP Room, it is actually like you are becoming part of the inner circle of a hair-artist’s revolution.

On its way to becoming a celebrity hair salon, The VIP Room staff have trained more widely known stylists that have bigger names in Miami. For example, Ron King and Gilberto Febles were instructed in the precision and talent of the 3-dementional cutting devises.

Many local clients have traveled up to 50 miles one way to experience the remarkable talent of The VIP Room. They have explained the exuberate expression of the attractive individual they knew they were.

This is The VIP Room.


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