David TinocoRelentless toward perfection, David Tinoco, teacher, makeover artist, entrepreneur, certified gold hair stylist and color trend setter, and fashion photographer, brings a whole different level of style and fashion across the hair industry and nation. Working with the best in his industry, David has formulated a whole new concept on how to start, maintain and grow the individual stylist’s book of business through his dedication.

Combining the artistry of style and experience, David has mastered different techniques that would make him the best choice for any potential client or corporate event. Training is no substitute for experience, and while others are talking about certain aspects of his industry, David is actually executing acute techniques, for example, being certified in hair extensions and thermal treatment straightening (Keratin and Japanese).

Given the various combinations of any clients needs, David Tinoco, despite reaching his full impact of experience compared to others in his industry, continues to reach even further with more invention to make every client realize the uniqueness of his rare capability.

Knowing that one has been blessed is a part of success – talent and love shares with others. David’s unique positioning has allowed him to exercise true philanthropy to an orphanage in his homeland of Colombia. While the stage has been set, the children of a certain disadvantaged area will be blessed by his efforts to help protect the innocence of many children. The possibility also exists there will be United States government assistance in helping David start and maintain his dream of reaching this over-looked area within Colombia.





Guylaine - Hair ArtistGuylaine Gauthier, opened in 2010 The Vip Room Salon and Spa with her business partner David Tinoco. Their higher level of expertise make this salon be one of the top in the Fort Lauderdale area, providing the highest and unique touch in class and style.

Guylaine was born and raised in Quebec Canada, and has always been highly dedicated to hair styling. In 1975, her enthusiasm only excelled after studying in Lemieux, a well known private French-Canadian school. She is also a teacher and has taught cosmetology, before working in the most prestigious hair salon in Quebec: Salon Carlain, this entrepreneur had the chance to own a hair salon for 10 years called coiffure 310 prior to deciding to move Florida in 1995.

Guylaine worked with Robert Allen, one of the top 200 salons in the U.S.A, and has been representing the Goldwell products for over 10 years. She is the winner of 7 time Best Sales and productivity of 10 years of working with a team of 10 hairstylists. Having studied in Lazartique, a school in Paris, Guylaine’s incredible longing to help men and women with scalp problems and hair loss has taken her further than most. With Goldwell International’s help, she has been able to study and train in different countries such as Germany, Austria, France, and even Italy.

The love for fashion, modeling and her compassion for less fortunate has influenced Guylaine to study and specialize in matching colors, wigs for women with cancer and scalp treatment, as well as hair replacement for patients with cancer. She is certified in hair extensions for people with thin hair to add more texture and body. This hair stylist specializes in fashion extensions and photo shoot competitions with Goldwell. Ms. Gauthier was a semifinalist for the U.S.A. Goldwell Trend Zoom competition in 2009, as well as a winner at Sign U’r Look for Goldwell 2009.
Ms. Gauthier has training from all over the world, and has experience in different cultures enabling her to create her own style and contribute her passion to the world of beauty and fashion.


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