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The Vip Room Salon & Spa is South Florida’s premiere salon destination.




The Vip Room Team

The Vip Room Team

Beauty is Simplification.

Bringing the salon industry up to date, The VIP Room, has discovered the highest touch in class and style. The exclusivity of the space gives certain reminders of how much attention can actually be placed upon the individual.

Resembling the high-class of Brickell (Miami, Florida) and its excesses, the understated white furniture, imported from Italy, coupled with the vintage marble floors and LED lighting above, creates a distinct sophistication. The intensity of the space defines the experience; its precision forms the expectation that every client deserves.

Maintaining a healthy balance between genius and humility, The VIP Room grants every client to experience the years of training of each of its professional staff members. Co-owners Guylaine Gauthier and David Tinoco have expressed their passions by transforming people’s lives through the art of beautification through ECO-friendly tools.

The VIP Room is more catering to the uniquely positioned client. Despite the higher level of expertise than other firms around the United States, The VIP Room will soon be offering its own line of product for the intense healing of the hair (including hair loss), feet, and hands. For those clients whose requirement is ultimate catering, The VIP Room will offer a specialized food menu from two refined local establishments. In addition, make-up preparation services by regionally known David Stevens will be avaiable – for a night on the town or for a photo session by Dennis Boyer. And lastly, The VIP Room offers products from the world-renown J.F. Lazartigue of Paris, France.

The determination to give excessive attention to their individual methodology of the client, confirms the uniqueness that is The VIP Room.


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